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Cycling and Walking

Liverpool City Region’s cycling and walking network

A 600km network of cycling and walking routes is planned for the Liverpool City Region over the next 10 years.

The network, based on upgrades to 31 key routes, will be planned on a whole city region basis, improving links to the public transport network and between residential areas, employment, training and retail sites.

Two thirds of all journeys in the city region are less than five kilometres, but half of those are made by car and the cycling and walking network is one of the first actions bringing the Combined Authority’s Local Journeys Strategy to life.

Making places walking and cycling-friendly not only reduces congestion, improves air quality and brings significant health benefits, it also has wider economic benefits – boosting inward investment and attracting new talent by helping create the places that people want to live and work in.

The LCR Transport Partnership was successfully awarded £8.3m ERDF Sustainable Urban Development (SUD) funding for the first 55km phase of the cycling and walking network. Match funding for the project is being sought from the Transforming Cities Fund and other contributions will come from the LCR CA’s constituent local authorities.