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Mersey Ferries

Mersey Ferries

Our iconic Mersey Ferries are an essential part of the Liverpool City Region’s rich and diverse history.

They have been serving local residents throughout their 800 years on the River Mersey in many different formats, providing vital commuting and trade links between Wirral and Liverpool. The Ferries offer a unique cross river transport service that offers significant resilience to our other modes of transport across the region.

The world famous ferries provide daily cross river transport links throughout the day, as well as River Cruise Services. In addition, when our transport services are not operating we offer the fantastic Manchester Ship Canal, Summer Evening Cruises and themed music cruises providing guests with unique experiences that are not to be missed.

The Mersey Ferries have a special place in all our hearts and through our 20 year Mersey Ferry Strategy we are looking to safeguard their future for generations to come through major investment. The strategy focuses on maintaining a cross river transport link, and utilising vessels in their spare time in the leisure market. This will hopefully be achieved through a range of key interventions, including investment in new vessels and the land based infrastructure.

Learn more www.merseyferries.co.uk